R E C R U I T . R E S T O R E . REVIVE .

Veterans Lives Matter is an organization established to provide love and support to veterans who have experienced trials since re-entering civilian life, with special emphasis on female veterans and their families. VLM is founded on three (3) core principles: Recruit, Restore, & Revive. We recruit the overflow of veterans who are currently seeking assistance from the office of Veteran Affairs, VA medical center and those who have fallen through the cracks as unsung heroes; we restore the appetite to succeed by providing essentials for re-entry into civilian life; and we revive the lost faith in democracy by caring for those who fought for it. We are committed to “…provide for those who provided protection for us!”


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VLM focuses on the overall wellness of the veteran and helping them understand that HEALTH IS WEALTH. We’re advocates supporting VETERANS through promoting active lifestyles, suicide awareness, intervention efforts and prevention. Connecting them with resources needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle, a healthy mindset, resources for re-entry to the workforce and housing for the homeless.

  • Assist homeless Veterans by providing temporary transitional housing based on an 18 month progressive plan
  • Provide workforce training access via transportation and workforce training applicant assistance
  • Supply clothing and transitional items necessary for workforce re-entry
  • Provide access to medical and mental health support in partnership with the U.S. Office of Veteran Affairs
  • Reduce/Eliminate Veteran homelessness in the state of Michigan by any means necessary

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